The time you waste is that in which you disregard yourself and let yourself be taken by the whisks and whims of corporate giants, parading as puppets but attaining far more to likeliness of pigs. Sold to you for a minuet fee of slave stained life for freedom, comes delivered to you this wonderfully prepackaged, premeditated, predetermined thought process, of how you feel on matters of what are good and true, what you wear in current season, what you eat if you wish to be desirable, new technology that promises to simplify your life; And to top it all off we have thrown into this fabulous deal for FREE... We can GUARANTEE that this package also includes a custom fitted array of double entendres, ensuring the consumerism demand of an answer for all your first rate first world problems. All this at the rock bottom price of your soul.
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welcome to my tumblr where it’s all Manson, Fashion, Gore, Lady Gaga and porn. Lurk everything. Post nothing

It’s all about self sabotage

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